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Scottish Youth Cup

Meteors and Comets


Scottish Youth Cup

Venus and Galaxy


Scottish Youth Cup

Aurora and Eclipse

In what has been a start-stop season for us all our teams in Scottish Youth Cup are doing well, its been a great experience for some as their first formal competitive games and for others getting back into that competitive zone. 

Huge thank you to our Team Managers for all the organising and re-organising and to our coaches and leaders for the additional time given to meet the demands of the organising and re-organising! 

Many of our members are also part of East Renfrewshire District Squad! Both age groups have achieved fantastic results in the Sirens District Competition. 

Following in the footsteps of many All Star Alumni who experienced the Netball Scotland National Pathways programmes, we are extremely proud of Rose and Emma who, following selection for Scotland U17s have been training and competing towards selection for Netball Europe competition.

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